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1997 | Woody Harrelson makes second visit to Simpsonville Elementary

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Despite his failure to appear at Simpsonville Elementary a week prior, Woody Harrelson made a second visit to Donna Cockrel's class on On January 29, 1997. He was met by a group of parents outside the school who were protesting his visit. While he was only able to speak to students for a few minutes, the visit once again garnered national media attention from CNN.

Thirty-eight of the school's 480 students were kept home after learning about his second visit.

An article titled "PARENTS OBJECT TO HARRELSON---ACTOR BACK RALLYING FOR HEMP" published January 30, 1997 expressed the frusteration of Simpsonville Elementary School parents. See text below.

Notes from a long day on the hemp trail: Parents at Simpsonville Elementary School in Shelby County show that hemp is very much a four-letter word to them. Thirty-eight of the school's 480 students were kept home yesterday because actor Woody Harrelson was in the building talking about the cousin of marijuana that won't make you high. It's illegal to cultivate hemp in Kentucky; Harrelson wants to change that.

Click the links below to learn more about the Harrelson and Cockrel trials:



January 30, 1997, Lexington Herald-Leader

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