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1997 | Court finds statute "overbroad" after Harrelson charges are dismissed

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

On January 23, 1997, Judge Ralph E. McClanahan handed down the following judgment in the case of Woody Harrelson:

After reviewing the statutes and memoranda of the parties this Court finds that the definition of marijuana contained in KRS 218A.010 (12) is constitutionally defective due to its overbroad application by including non-hallucinogenic plant parts. ... We believe the enactment of (this statute) is an arbitrary exercise of power by the General Assembly over the lives and property of free men.

"I applaud Judge McClanahan for his ruling. Hemp was once the number one cash crop in Kentucky and Kentucky was the number on hemp producer in the country. Thanks to Judge McClanahan's decision, I am confident that day will come again for Kentucky farmers. Not only is this a great day for the hemp industry and the farmers of Kentucky, but it ultimately will prove historic for the farmers, the economy and the environment of the rest of the country."

- Woody Harrelson

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