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Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program applications due November 5

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Applications for the 2016 KDA Industrial Hemp Pilot Program are due in less than two weeks! This year's application requires an in-depth research plan along with seed sources and processor relations.

Click here to download the 2016 application.

NOTE: All applicants and project participants must submit a Kentucky State Police (KSP) background check. You can do this in person at the Kentucky State Police Records Branch [1266 Louisville Road. Frankfort, KY 40601], it usually takes 15-30 minutes and cost $20 per person (c​heck or money order), or you can submit your requests/payments by mail which can take up to two weeks.

We understand time is limited and sourcing can be difficult so we are happy to answer questions regarding your application and project requirements - see more information below.

For application inquiries, please contact our parent company -

United Hemp Industries, LLC. - at


The following information was taken directly from the KDA website at

At this time, KDA staff is not available to meet individually with prospective applicants. The hemp program staff is currently engaged with harvest season tasks associated with the 2015 program and with preparations for 2016. Availability by phone will be extremely limited also.

As the 2014 Farm Bill section 7606 authorized Departments of Agriculture to create industrial hemp research pilot programs, we wish to remind everyone that the focus of this program is research. Applicants interested in growing industrial hemp for personal use are not considered to be aligned with the purpose of the program and would not be selected for participation.

Additionally, KDA is not in the position to offer direct consultation to participants on how to produce industrial hemp. Prospective participants are to conduct research which will add to the industrial hemp body of knowledge that is currently limited. For a better understanding of hemp production techniques refer to a recent publication by the University of Kentucky.

All costs associated with the research are the responsibility of the participant. There are no sources of funding from KDA to cover any aspect of your research project. Participants should understand that at the present time it is likely that they may suffer a loss on the industrial hemp crop. Limited market availability combined with uncertain production knowledge creates significant risk for the participant. The focus of this program is the collection of research data.

Persons interested in Kentucky's Industrial Hemp Research Program and not already on the email notification list should send an email to with your name. Notifications will include announcements for industrial hemp field days, conferences, application releases, etc.


2015 Hemp Pilot Program Application

2015 University Affiliate Application


MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) [DRAFT]


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