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Historic hemp harvest at the Henry Clay Estate in Lexington

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

On Tuesday, August 30, Kentucky Hempsters harvested the first hemp crop planted on Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate property in over 130 years. Ashland was once home of Henry Clay, Kentucky's beloved son, who was also one of the hemp industry's most revered pioneers.

Henry Clay used his legislative power to protect and advance "American Hemp - Kentucky Hemp - Ashland Hemp." In addition, he grew and manufactured thousands of pounds of the crop at his Ashland estate, often publishing pieces documenting his own agronomic experiments. The photo below shows the "HEMP" chapter written by Henry Clay in the Farmers School Book published in 1837.

The plot was planted in May in an effort to educate the many guests that visit Ashland throughout the season. As the Hemp Pilot Program continues to expand in our state, it's important for us to bring our hemp heritage to the forefront and use this to create a new appreciation for what was once Kentucky's number one cash crop. Click here to read about Henry Clay's Hemp Symposium.

The crop will be used from educational demonstrations throughout the remainder of the season, and what is usable will be incorporated into a new line of products we are launching through our parent company, United Hemp Industries.

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