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Going Green This Spring: Top Hemp Fashion Brands in 2016

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Spring into Summer with Sustainable Hemp Fashion

One thing we’ve fallen in love with when it comes to hemp is the fashion! Long gone are the days of burlap sacks and hippie necklaces, we’re talking about top-notch designer digs and practical purchases that last a lifetime!

Not only does hemp production require much less water with little to no pesticides compared to cotton, it’s naturally better than any synthetic material.

As people become increasingly conscious about their purchasing decisions, we believe it’s important that hemp textiles are readily available. While the hemp textile industry is in need of further development here in the U.S., many companies located across the country are taking strides to make hemp mainstream and advocate for its commercialization. We’ve listed just a few of our favorite sustainable hemp fashion companies below that are making green the new black.


Pretty Birdie Co.

Stephanie Teague Trippe has defined high-class hemp fashion through her company, Pretty Birdie Co. From elegant wedding gowns to classic business attire, Stephanie offers women the look and feel we want on the inside, and on the outside!

With stunning, hand-sewn pieces made using a variety of hemp-blended materials, you can feel confident that your Pretty Birdie purchase is contributing to sustainable, more environmentally friendly practices.

Plus, her designs are phenomenal! Even catching the eye of four-time Grammy winning artist, Esperanza Spalding, who has been seen wearing Stephanie’s designs on multiple occasions.

We love our Pretty Birdie pieces and probably wear them too often - they really do fit better each time we wear them! The picture to the left is from last summer when we had a photo-shoot in one of the fields we worked with, showing off our Pretty Birdie outfits! Stephanie has recently expanded her company to include kids clothing and will rebrand with a launching of a new website, stay tuned!



When it comes to being comfy and cool, Jungmaven has us covered! So far, the 60% hemp 40% cotton blend shirts have been our absolute favorite. We can even wear them in the field and the hemp doesn’t stick! The photo below was taken after transferring raw hemp material, and there’s no hemp anywhere on the shirt. Not to mention, it’s so airy and allows our bodies to breath while we work.

We can also throw them on with leggings and a cute scarf for an everyday outfit. Founder, Robert Jungmann, caters to men and women with a variety of simple, colorful, comfortable, yet versatile hemp shirts perfect for all activities. Jungmaven’s vision is to have everyone in a hemp T-shirt by 2020 to help mitigate climate change.

We’ve got ours, Do you?!


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