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550-acre historic Louisville hemp plantation to grow once again

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

This year , Kentucky Hempsters have partnered with Farmington Historic Plantation in Louisville to offer historical hemp experiences and educational events! Farmington was once a 550-acre hemp plantation owned and operated by the Speed Family until the late 1800s. Now, the historic site will cultivate the crop once again.

Diane Young, Farmington Director, makes sure to highlight the importance of hemp to Farmington and Kentucky. The home features a "hemp room" downstairs with a historic hemp brake and images from Kentucky's hemp industry, along with information about hemp and the pilot program. She is eager to bring this part of Farmington's history to life through events and activities this year.

Kentucky Hempsters will be collaborating with Diane on a Hemp Discovery Day at Farmington this Spring to educate the community about the past, present and future of the Kentucky hemp industry.

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