Kentucky Hempster co-founder speaks to group, alongside Senator Rand Paul and Commissioner Quarles

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Kentucky hemp was the hot topic at Take Back Kentucky's 19th anniversary meeting last weekend. Kentucky Hempsters joined the group on Saturday, February 20 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to discuss their involvement in the nascent industry.

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles at Take Back Kentucky meeting in Elizabethtown.

Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan Quarles (pictured left), kicked off the meeting with his intentions for the new term. He touched on the expansion of the hemp program, the importance of agriculture education in schools, along with a number of goals for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture going forward.

Bill Polyniak, from the Kentucky Cannabis Company, brought a couple and their daughter who have been taking his CBD oil. The family testified to astounding improvements in their daughter's ability to function. They've seen a dramatic reduction in sezuires and were eager to recommend Bill's product.

Our co-founder, Alyssa Erickson (pictured below), followed up touching on our plans for both Kentucky Hempsters and United Hemp Industries (UHI) this year. She was excited to discuss progress and educational activities Kentucky Hempsters have coming up, along with our research projects through the hemp pilot program. Katie Moyer, Kentucky hemp processor, even brought her Kentucky proud hemp products for show-and-tell, from salves to hemp oil and protein cakes!

Kentucky Hempsters co-founder Alyssa Erickson talks Kentucky hemp at Take Back Kentucky meeting in Elizabethtown.

The final and keynote speaker was Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who drew quite the crowd to E-town's Family Buffet. Senator Paul has been influencial in the hemp movement, championing legislation on both the state and federal level. He is credited for bringing the issue to the forefront of Kentucky in partnership with former Agriculture Commissioner, now Congressman, James Comer in 2012.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) address crowd at Take Back Kentucky meeting in Elizabethtown.

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