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2010 | Kentucky hemp bill SB 14 dies in Senate Agriculture Committee

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

On January 6, 2010, SB 14 was referred to the state agriculture commity which would create new sections of KRS Chapter 260 to define "department," "industrial hemp," and "THC." It also required background checks for those interested in growing or processing industrial hemp to be licensed by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It died in the committee. See bill text below.

AN ACT relating to industrial hemp.

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 260 to define "department," "industrial hemp," and "THC"; require persons wanting to grow or process industrial hemp to be licensed by the Department of Agriculture; require criminal history checks by local sheriff; require the Department of Agriculture to promulgate administrative regulations to carry out the provisions of the Act; require sheriff to monitor and randomly test industrial hemp fields; assess a fee of $5 per acre for every acre of industrial hemp grown, with a minimum fee of $150, to be divided equally between the Department of Agriculture and the appropriate sheriff's department; require licensees to provide the Department of Agriculture with names and addresses of any grower or buyer of industrial hemp and copies of any contracts the licensee may have entered into relating to the industrial hemp; clarify that the Act does not authorize any person to violate federal law.

Bill Timeline

Nov 4-To: Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture Jan 5-introduced in Senate Jan 6-to Agriculture (S)



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