1985 | "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer sparks hemp movement

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The Emperor Wears No Clothes published in 1985 by researcher and activist Jack Herer.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes is a non-fiction book written by Jack Herer published in 1985. Starting in 1973, the story begins when Herer takes the advice of his friend, "Captain" Ed Adair, and begins compiling tidbits of information about the cannabis plant and its numerous uses. After a dozen years of collecting and compiling historical data, Herer first published his work as The Emperor Wears No Clothes, in 1985. The twelfth edition was published in November 2010,and the book continues to be cited in Cannabis rescheduling and re-legalization efforts (Wikipedia).

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Jack Herer

Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010), referred to as the "Emperor of Hemp," was an American cannabis activist and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book which has been used in efforts to decriminalize and legalize cannabis, and to expand the use of hemp for industrial use.

Many activists credit their underlying passion for hemp to Herer and his ideas.

In loving memory of Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 - April 15, 2010)




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