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2014 | Murray State University hosts hemp demonstration during Bioenergy Day

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Murray State University's Hutson School of Agriculture hosted Kentucky’s National Bioenergy Day , in conjunction with the Regional Business Innovation Center and the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence.

This event, along with 40 events held across the country in 24 states plus Canada, was held to demonstrate the many benefits that bioenergy provides on the local level.

“This is a big day for bioenergy and for biomass here at Murray State,” he said. “We have had a lot of cooperation on this endeavor. Murray State was the site of the first legal hemp planting since World War II and this truly marks a milestone.”

The celebration also included the ceremonial lighting of the new biomass BioBurner unit, which was installed to add heat to the riding arena of the Equine Instructional Facility. The Bioburner utilizes biomass – materials from both animals or plants, including hemp – and was manufactured by LEI Products of Madisonville and financed in part by a Department of Energy and Environment grant.

Note: Kentucky Hempsters had the opportunity to attend Bioenergy Day at Murray State University. These photos were taken during the hemp demonstration. (Top photo: Dr. Tony Brannon, MSU Dean of Agriculture showing of the strenght of the hemp fiber; bottom photo: harvesting hemp into bailes.)



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