The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) launched the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program following the passage Section 7606 "Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research" of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill.) This is year five of Kentucky hemp pilot projects and the KDA approved 282 participants from growers and processors who planted 6,700 acres for hemp cultivation, more than double the number of acres that were planted in 2017.

All hemp crops grown under the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program are strictly for research and development, and must be approved by the KDA. If you do not hold an MOU with the KDA you are not legally allowed to grow, process, or handle any raw form of industrial hemp and can be punished according to law. For more information about the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program or how to participate, click here. Please note that Kentucky Hempsters does not have any authority to assist, influence, or determine applicants for the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program. 

Check out the progress and expansion of the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program from 2014 - 2018 in the chart below.
This chart is copied directly from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture 2018 Brochure. To learn more about the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program and how to get involved, visit


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